More Bad Overseas Content

I have written before about the millions of pages of spun content that has infected the web and is indexed and ranked by Google.  Just yesterday I received a well written email detailing how this company will help me advertise on quality content blogs.  I asked for a sample and this is the quality!

Is the Thin Content Gone?

My answer is NO!  There are probably a trillion pages of spam remaining in the index. I just got a random email from a link seller with a list of 560 websites most with page rank 3 and 4 with computer generated content that reads like a completely different language. Seriously, what can Google do Read more about Is the Thin Content Gone?[…]

Inner Page Traffic is a Conversion Jackpot

Typically most SEO’s will begin with a new website by optimizing the home page because that is usually your best starting page in terms of current search engine visibility but many beginners neglect the power of inner page conversions.  Inner pages can be so valuable because often the traffic that you send there is laser Read more about Inner Page Traffic is a Conversion Jackpot[…]

Data-Mining for Profit

One part of SEO that many people have trouble with, even professionals – is data-mining. I wrote a Google Knol titled : Website Analytic Tips for SEO a few months back and received good feedback on it. The truth is, that data-mining can be very time consuming and a bit boring but it is essential! Read more about Data-Mining for Profit[…]

But I Already Rank…Kind Of

I have heard from a few potential clients before that even though their own website does not rank for many searches they are OK in the SEO department because their various directory listings rank, so people will find them anyways…. This is a really bad decision and will most certainly guarantee a long-term unsuccessful foray Read more about But I Already Rank…Kind Of[…]

The Future of SEO

I found an interesting blog post on DigitalPoint and that combined with some local research really has me concerned about the current and future state of SEO. Almost every new client I speak to has one or two horror stories under their belt from dealing with SEO in the past. Btw, here is the post: Read more about The Future of SEO[…]

A Look at the Local SEO Competition

I just spent a few minutes perusing the computer services category of my local Craigslist to see what the local competition is up to….and let me tell you – they are up to no-good! Usually it would make me feel good to see so many clueless folks calling themselves SEO and SEM experts but I Read more about A Look at the Local SEO Competition[…]

The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles

I received a private message at a forum I have been a member of for many years and it was from a relatively senior member that was promoting some discounted listings reviews in his network of web directories.  The directories themselves look pretty nice, good templates and category structure but I took a quick look Read more about The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles[…]

John Dvorak Stirs up the SEO Hornets Nest

John Dvorak over at wrote an article yesterday where he complained quite mightily about how SEO is ruining Google search results by: “tricking Google or Bing or Yahoo into ranking your particular Web site higher than the competition by reverse-engineering the tricks used by Google, et al to rank sites in the first place.” Read more about John Dvorak Stirs up the SEO Hornets Nest[…]

Lies, Lies and More Lies – SEO and Life

Lately I have had the subject of lying on my mind and not only for the fact that I have five kids ages 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13 at home and lying seems to have become one of their favorite pastimes.  In the world of SEO (like many industries) there are a slew of Read more about Lies, Lies and More Lies – SEO and Life[…]