SEO Fraud Continues

Crusing through DigtalPoint forums I found another SEO fraudster coning folks with an old style scam with a fresh new twist. the guaranteed results or your money back swindle. In this version (as seen below) you pay in increments as this hard-working SEO moves your rankings up the ladder at – the only problem Read more about SEO Fraud Continues[…]

SEO Scams and Fraud

There have been a few posts recently about all the fly-by-night SEO scammers that are giving the entire industry a bad name.  Here is an example of one on DigitalPoint forums and I have seen this style of SEO scam run dozens of time over the past few weeks. Here is their sales pitch: Keyword Read more about SEO Scams and Fraud[…]

Dangers of Guaranteed SEO Results

I have heard it so many times from prospective clients, “but so-and-so at promises page one or number one results in 1/2/3/6 months or they will refund my money, will you offer the same?” Guaranteed ranking is one of the biggest scams out there right now and anyone that offers it is not a Read more about Dangers of Guaranteed SEO Results[…]