Article Spinning at its Worst

A favorite of pretend SEO companies is to spin articles using software and then publishing them as unique.  Here is a shinning example ( With countless companies in the usa taking visits in cash flow, there may be one that will be in fact booming and supporting individuals save money concurrently. The auto these recycling Read more about Article Spinning at its Worst[…]

Gaming Google +1….already!

So as fast as Google can think up new ideas it seems the darker parts of the web are ready to profit from them! There is already many websites out there selling this service.  Here are the promises made by one of them. All +1’s come from people with a google account that has been Read more about Gaming Google +1….already![…]

Guaranteed Results Explained – Simple….

It really is simple if you want to understand why guaranteed results SEO is always a scam. If someone really had the super SEO skills or the inside scoop on the secret algorithms of search engines and they could guarantee ranking, then why would they do it for $50, $500, $5,000 or even $50,000?  The Read more about Guaranteed Results Explained – Simple….[…]

Is the Thin Content Gone?

My answer is NO!  There are probably a trillion pages of spam remaining in the index. I just got a random email from a link seller with a list of 560 websites most with page rank 3 and 4 with computer generated content that reads like a completely different language. Seriously, what can Google do Read more about Is the Thin Content Gone?[…]

Purple is the New Black in Link Building

Does the text color of your link matter?  According to a Google patent granted a little while back it just might!  You can view the document yourself here. But let’s spend a little time with claim 18, The one or more server devices of claim 16, where the data associated with the features of the Read more about Purple is the New Black in Link Building[…]

But I Already Rank…Kind Of

I have heard from a few potential clients before that even though their own website does not rank for many searches they are OK in the SEO department because their various directory listings rank, so people will find them anyways…. This is a really bad decision and will most certainly guarantee a long-term unsuccessful foray Read more about But I Already Rank…Kind Of[…]

The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles

I received a private message at a forum I have been a member of for many years and it was from a relatively senior member that was promoting some discounted listings reviews in his network of web directories.  The directories themselves look pretty nice, good templates and category structure but I took a quick look Read more about The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles[…]