Digital Marketing Jobs – Tight Market

I have noticed that there are quite a few big brand companies out there looking for Digital Marketing Managers and they have been posting for many, many months. I have also noted a rise in the number of recruiters contacting me since September. Digital Marketing is finally starting to reach the pinnacle of the job Read more about Digital Marketing Jobs – Tight Market[…]

A Look Back at Digital Marketing 2013

This past year was a really great year for change in the digital marketing sector. We saw a huge rise in responsive websites and surfers snapped up smart phones and tablets. This is definitely the future of the Internet, I would not be surprised if mobile ready websites become a must in the years to Read more about A Look Back at Digital Marketing 2013[…]

Search Engines Promoting Their Own Products

There is a set of interesting quizes being published over at – the one below is very telling.  I personally think it is OK if a company pushes its own products but Google and other search engines built their popularity on the basis of offering free and fair search results.  Many average Joes’s (and Read more about Search Engines Promoting Their Own Products[…]

Article Spinning at its Worst

A favorite of pretend SEO companies is to spin articles using software and then publishing them as unique.  Here is a shinning example ( With countless companies in the usa taking visits in cash flow, there may be one that will be in fact booming and supporting individuals save money concurrently. The auto these recycling Read more about Article Spinning at its Worst[…]

Viral Results Can Be Fun

I put together a fake news story last week and it seems someone posted it to and then the fun began!  I got a phone call from my host at around 8pm and he said my website might be under a DoS attack because it was receiving 100+ http requests per second!!  Needless to Read more about Viral Results Can Be Fun[…]

Tough Day for Google with Antitrust Investigation

Just finished reading the submission by Jeremy Stoppelman and all I can say is ouch!!  He makes a really strong case (with lots of factual evidence)  which points to Google participating in very unsavory behavior.  I don’t know if Google can talk their way out of this one.  I will be watching this news closely, Read more about Tough Day for Google with Antitrust Investigation[…]

Gaming Google +1….already!

So as fast as Google can think up new ideas it seems the darker parts of the web are ready to profit from them! There is already many websites out there selling this service.  Here are the promises made by one of them. All +1’s come from people with a google account that has been Read more about Gaming Google +1….already![…]