Open Site Explorer First Look

Rand has certainly outdone himself yet again, proving why this guys time might actually be worth $1,000 an hour.  I was playing around with OSE today and it is really a great, simple to use tool that gives you a nice quick snapshot of the relative authority and SEO value of a website.  If Yahoo! Read more about Open Site Explorer First Look[…]

The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles

I received a private message at a forum I have been a member of for many years and it was from a relatively senior member that was promoting some discounted listings reviews in his network of web directories.  The directories themselves look pretty nice, good templates and category structure but I took a quick look Read more about The Importance of Checking Backlink Profiles[…]

SEO for the Masses

There was a great video posted today over at SEObook and it really hit home for someone like me that has been living and breathing online marketing for the past nine years. Worth watching if you know a lot about the Internet and really great if you don’t know very much.

Best SEO Tip Ever on How to Get Decision Maker Buy-In

The quote below is taken from a great posting over at and is an interview with Dennis Goedegebuure, aka DonnisG – head of eBay’s in-house SEO team.  Now some of  you might just think the bolded word below is a typo but I think it is more inline with a Freudian slip.  The best Read more about Best SEO Tip Ever on How to Get Decision Maker Buy-In[…]

What If…Google Wanted to Sell Real Estate?

I can tell you from personal experience because my better half loves looking around for houses.  One of her initial criteria in choosing a potential new home is the area, includes how the neighbors upkeep their lawns and how nice the local parks and amenities are.  And she could start her search using Google street Read more about What If…Google Wanted to Sell Real Estate?[…]

Rand Fishkin on the Venture Capital Process

If I was not a fan of this guy already for the simple fact that he gets $1,000 an hour for SEO consulting, I am even more impressed with his recent post on his experience this year securing additional Venture Capital for SEOmoz.  He gives a ton of great information and even though he holds Read more about Rand Fishkin on the Venture Capital Process[…]

John Dvorak Stirs up the SEO Hornets Nest

John Dvorak over at wrote an article yesterday where he complained quite mightily about how SEO is ruining Google search results by: “tricking Google or Bing or Yahoo into ranking your particular Web site higher than the competition by reverse-engineering the tricks used by Google, et al to rank sites in the first place.” Read more about John Dvorak Stirs up the SEO Hornets Nest[…]