May 10, 2008

Our Digital Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

We offer many customized digital marketing services to meet our clients need to achieve long-term online success. There are many factors that will influence the cost and time required to market and optimize your site for the search engines. These variables include your competition, amount of marketing you have already done for your site, your current website content and industry, your short-term and long-term business objectives, and of course, your budget. For a customized analysis and quotation on services for your website, contact us now.

Keyword Research

Is one of the most important services we provide.  It’s purpose is to identify the best possible keywords to target with your link building and online marketing campaigns.  Correct keyword choice is essential for reaching your target audience.  We will analyze your current keyword list and expand on it to include many more keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry.  We will then recommend new keywords to target based on search frequency, competition and relevance to your website.

Blog Marketing

A blog is one of the best ways to introduce fresh, unique, search engine friendly content for your site, as well as dramatically increase customer experience.  Whether you need help setting up your blog, updating it, or just need some advice, we have the experience and can produce the results to help you increase your traffic volume, quality and blog visibility.

Competitive Analysis

We take a close look at the competitive marketplace for your main and secondary keywords.  Most often you will find many companies within the same industry competing for a portion of the traffic on your keywords. It is important to keep a close-eye on what the competition is doing so you can identify areas of weakness and other opportunities

SEF (search engine friendly) Site Design

Most of the time website creative designers build websites that are pleasing to the eye but they don’t consider how search engine indexing spiders will react when searching through the site pages.  We will make sure that your web pages are human and search engine friendly.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has exploded over the past couple of years and is a critical part of a complete marketing and optimization package.   Social media can be a powerful part of the mix, increasing traffic, brand visibility and organic link building.

In-Content (contextual) Advertising

A fairly recent development, contextual advertisements are text ads that show up within a websites content on targeted websites.  These ads are carefully targeted either by keywords that are relevant to your ad, or by the topic of the website displaying the ad.

Website Analytical Report

We analyze your website statistical reports to determine which keywords and search engines are sending traffic to your site, and which of those keywords convert to a new customer. This type of data helps us understand how your visitors find your website and what they do when they get there.  We examine this data closely for entrance pages, exit pages, time spent at the site, long-tail keyword phrases, etc.

Link Building

Another major contributor in how well your site shows up in organic search results is the number and quality of relevant links pointing to your site.  Most search engine count backlinks as votes for how popular and useful a websites is, so the more votes  you have the higher priority you are given in the search engine results.  We use various, legal, white hat methods to obtain these quality links to improve your rankings in the search engines.  Some of the methods deployed are, blog commenting (non-auto), contextual links in our own vast network of websites, quality directory submissions, viral and link bait content creation.

Online Web Content Development/Copywriting

Our native English speaking writers produce high quality, unique content that is optimized for the search engine while maintaining it’s integrity for human readers.  Content has always been king and will remain that way.  Many new search engine algorithm patents have recently been discovered that prove that on page content will continue to be the life-blood of optimization into the distant future.

Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

Paid search marketing are the various sponsored listing advertisements that appear in addition to the organic search listings.  These ads occupy premium spots on search engines, directories and other search results.  Although these programs can be quite labour intensive and expensive they do often offer quick results and when combined with proper SEO, can be an effective tool to increase your websites exposure in the search engines, bringing in targeted visitors and increasing sales.

Local Market Search Optimization

Paying close attention to local search optimization helps local businesses be found by people searching for businesses close-to-home.  The number of people searching for local services continues to rise, so the opportunity to get more business from local search is also growing.  Being ranked well on or for a language other than English can be an important part of online success.  We are an SEO firm located in  the Greater Toronto area but have experience across North America and the UK.

Press and News Releases

A well written and properly distributed press or news release is a very powerful promotion and link building tool.  We have had over 100 releases make it to the front page of Google News.

Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is very important because the web never forgets; online photos, posts, comments, bad press and profiles can linger around for years after you have forgotten about them and then come back to haunt you when you least expect it and ruin your chances at landing that great contract or new job.  Let us help by reducing, eliminating or pushing down the negative listings.

Website Design and Programming – New or Refresh

With the online marketplace being so competitive these days, you really need to keep your website design updated.  A clean, attractive and easily navigated website will increase your online visibility and help you build a relationship with new and existing customers.  Testing shows that most visitors make up their mind about doing business with a company in the first three seconds of visiting their website, so first impressions are very important.  We can help you stand-out from the competition.

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