digital marketing audit

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

What is a digital marketing audit? For a digital marketing audit, we begin with a 300-foot overview of your business’s web footprint. We then dive down and look at the various working parts that make up your overall presence, with the goal of helping you figure out what is working and what may need more Read more about What is a Digital Marketing Audit?[…]

Digital Marketing Jobs – Tight Market

I have noticed that there are quite a few big brand companies out there looking for Digital Marketing Managers and they have been posting for many, many months. I have also noted a rise in the number of recruiters contacting me since September. Digital Marketing is finally starting to reach the pinnacle of the job Read more about Digital Marketing Jobs – Tight Market[…]

Mobile Matters! And it is here to stay.

So last month Google has finally launched their algorithm changes that will add your mobile site status as a ranking factor.  This has been anticipated for a while now and if you have not gotten your website mobile ready – you better act fast! The traffic of people visiting our clients websites has doubled almost Read more about Mobile Matters! And it is here to stay.[…]

Best of 2014 – 3 Words – Ice Bucket Challenge

The viral success of this campaign is insane! In July 2014, Charity ALS started a small-scale web challenge that ended up stretching to the White House and beyond. The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ led to record breaking donations to the charity, raising $16.4m in contributions for the group and its national affiliates, compared with less than Read more about Best of 2014 – 3 Words – Ice Bucket Challenge[…]