Quick SEO results

For those of you following my progress you would know that I have been doing SEO for about 3 years but only for in-house clients and my own websites.  I recently decided to take on a few new projects, hence the development of this site.  www.createdigitalgrowth.com first went live on May 9, 2008, just over a week Read more about Quick SEO results[…]

Ask.com wants to be more than a pimple on Googles’ butt

Not to say Ask.com is anything like a pimple but we are talking relative size here.  The question is, can a search engine that is 1/17th the size of the industry leader run a profitable business model?  The answer is, YES!  Forbes is reporting that Jim Safka, head of Ask.com announced his company will acquire Lexico, the owner Read more about Ask.com wants to be more than a pimple on Googles’ butt[…]

Google Wants a Hand in the Social Networking Pie

Google Friend Connect was showcased at a Campfire One gathering of 3rd-party software developers at the company’s “Googleplex” campus in Mountain View, California a couple of days ago.  The plan comes just days after top social networking websites MySpace and Facebook broke down barriers of their online communities to let members share profile information at Read more about Google Wants a Hand in the Social Networking Pie[…]

Proof of the -60 Google Penalty?

I have been a critic of Google’s posturing and seemingly indiscriminate awarding of penalties for a long-time.  There has been a ton of speculation around the industry of -20, -50, -60, -100 penalties (for those laypersons this is a SERP penalty that subtracts ranks you should be awarded, so if you normally should rank number Read more about Proof of the -60 Google Penalty?[…]

The Price of SEO

I am always keeping an eye out for what my competition charges (click to enlarge the image) and here is the price page for an SEO in New York.  I won’t comment on whether his prices are too high because I don’t know a lot about the quality of his work. One thing I do know Read more about The Price of SEO[…]