digital marketing audit

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

What is a digital marketing audit? For a digital marketing audit, we begin with a 300-foot overview of your business’s web footprint. We then dive down and look at the various working parts that make up your overall presence, with the goal of helping you figure out what is working and what may need more Read more about What is a Digital Marketing Audit?[…]

Mobile Matters! And it is here to stay.

So last month Google has finally launched their algorithm changes that will add your mobile site status as a ranking factor.  This has been anticipated for a while now and if you have not gotten your website mobile ready – you better act fast! The traffic of people visiting our clients websites has doubled almost Read more about Mobile Matters! And it is here to stay.[…]

More Bad Overseas Content

I have written before about the millions of pages of spun content that has infected the web and is indexed and ranked by Google.  Just yesterday I received a well written email detailing how this company will help me advertise on quality content blogs.  I asked for a sample and this is the quality!

Guaranteed Results Explained – Simple….

It really is simple if you want to understand why guaranteed results SEO is always a scam. If someone really had the super SEO skills or the inside scoop on the secret algorithms of search engines and they could guarantee ranking, then why would they do it for $50, $500, $5,000 or even $50,000?  The Read more about Guaranteed Results Explained – Simple….[…]

Optimization Tip on Image Alt Tags

Sometimes your website or various web pages within your site don’t rank well or rankings go down without any obvious reason.  Sometimes you need to dig deep and be creative.  There was a post over at Google support forums that received an interesting answer. John Mu, checked out a posters site and made an observation Read more about Optimization Tip on Image Alt Tags[…]

Is the Thin Content Gone?

My answer is NO!  There are probably a trillion pages of spam remaining in the index. I just got a random email from a link seller with a list of 560 websites most with page rank 3 and 4 with computer generated content that reads like a completely different language. Seriously, what can Google do Read more about Is the Thin Content Gone?[…]

11 Ads vs. 4 Organic Results = ?

OK, so who can answer this question…what search engine shows 11 sponsored results and only 4 organic results on the first page?? ? ? The answer is GOOGLE!!! These keywords are very expensive, so less organic results equals more clicks and more money in Google’s pockets. I do realize this could just be some testing Read more about 11 Ads vs. 4 Organic Results = ?[…]