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NFT Project Launching Soon

After having consulted on two NFT projects I am happy to say we are embarking on our own journey! It is a sci-fi adventure story and we are collabing with published sci-fi author Jeff DeMarco (! You can follow the project on our Twitter:, Instagram: and feel free to hop on Discord and Read more about NFT Project Launching Soon[…]

The State of Retail Business and What Happens After Covid-19

As most of you probably know, the retail business has been stagnant and declining for the past few years. There was news just out that many of the big US retail chains may not survive this crisis: Sears, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and J. Crew, and most big retail chains across North America had been Read more about The State of Retail Business and What Happens After Covid-19[…]

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Facebook Case Study

The Power of Facebook Engagement An analysis showing engagement and popularity of a relevant post (automotive related) that went viral. -Post made on Sept. 7, 2019 -Image sourced from Reddit -Image watermark left intact to comply with any copyright issues -Boosted for $10 twelve hours after the initial post (post went viral prior to boost) Read more about Facebook Case Study[…]

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What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

What is a digital marketing audit? For a digital marketing audit, we begin with a 300-foot overview of your business’s web footprint. We then dive down and look at the various working parts that make up your overall presence, with the goal of helping you figure out what is working and what may need more Read more about What is a Digital Marketing Audit?[…]