Google’s 50 Billion Plus Chest Thumping Gets Dissected

I am all for putting your best foot forward, after all that is what SEO is all about but it seems Google has used some very creative accounting in making claims about how much it contributes to the US economy. They (Google) claim that in the US they “generated $54 billion of economic value in Read more about Google’s 50 Billion Plus Chest Thumping Gets Dissected[…]

Value of a Good SEO

Seth Godin had a really nice post about hourly work vs. linchpin work (flat fee) and I found it very applicable to SEO.  I forever see the same questions floating around the SEO message boards, “how much should I charge” – usually it comes from someone who is just starting out but sometimes the replies Read more about Value of a Good SEO[…]

Click-Thru Percentage for SERP

Chitika advertising network published some analysis it did of click through percentages based on 8,253,240 impressions. “In order to find out the value of SEO, we looked at a sample of traffic coming into our advertising network from Google and broke it down by Google results placement. The top spot drove 34.35% of all traffic Read more about Click-Thru Percentage for SERP[…]