Is the Thin Content Gone?

My answer is NO!  There are probably a trillion pages of spam remaining in the index. I just got a random email from a link seller with a list of 560 websites most with page rank 3 and 4 with computer generated content that reads like a completely different language. Seriously, what can Google do Read more about Is the Thin Content Gone?[…]

Craisglist Farce Post for a Web Designer

Every couple of days someone posts on Craislist looking for a Junior this or Entry level that but asks for senior management level design, marketing and SEO skills, then they give a really small budget or salary. Get some laughs below!! Top Notch Web Developer/Designer Required for Little or No Pay (Toronto) Date: 2011-02-02, 1:30PM Read more about Craisglist Farce Post for a Web Designer[…]