Sh*t My Dad Says Starring William Shatner?

And from the news files of: The Web Works in Really Strange Ways! Justin Halpern’s immensely popular Twitter account “Shit My Dad Says” is in the process of being turned into a sitcom, and there’s a powerhouse of industry veterans attached to the project. Today we can add William Shatner to the list, as he’s primed Read more about Sh*t My Dad Says Starring William Shatner?[…]

More Proof Google Might be Evil

It seems Google will likely get dinged for trespassing, as the US appeals Court allows this claim to move forward. A couple called the Boring’s (yes, that’s their their real surname) sued Google in early 2008 for taking pictures of its suburban Pennsylvania home. The claim was their house was on a clearly marked private Read more about More Proof Google Might be Evil[…]