NFT Project Launching Soon

After having consulted on two NFT projects I am happy to say we are embarking on our own journey! It is a sci-fi adventure story and we are collabing with published sci-fi author Jeff DeMarco (!

You can follow the project on our Twitter:, Instagram: and feel free to hop on Discord and join the community:

Here is the short lore for the story:

In 2049, famine, disease, and nuclear war have driven the Earth into decline. World government is fractured, giving way to a corporate ruling class whose only concern is escape from the dying Earth.

The year is 2055. The last hope for humanity is the colony vessel, New Hope, en route to exoplanet Wolf 1061c. But death awaits us in the vacuum of space. Our last hope is destroyed.

With an alien armada headed to Earth, salvation comes from the Council of Celestials, a league of technically advanced races committed to peace and protection of less developed species. A war is coming. The army they offer is constructed of nanobots and genetic material taken from a fearsome dragon-like species, synthesized from Cyber Seeds scattered across the globe.

Will you become a Cyber Hero and help save Earth?

Please have a look at the project update below