Calls to Action – How Much is Too Much?

Oh,Pick Me!

One of the first things I learned early in my career is that when you are selling something, you will never make a sale unless you ask for the money!  Just like the famous expression from Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money”.

So we all agree that every website and preferably every page of a website should have some sort of call to action in order to convert a visitor to becoming a customer.

But when is it too much?  I came across the below web-page and even though I am involved in digital marketing on a daily basis, I was overloaded and clicked the back button within one second….then of course I came back to take a screen-shot, count the calls to action and write this post.

On the page below (and I don’t mean the whole page, just the initial visible area) there are 47 requests for action and I just find that to be way too many.

My advice would be to limit this to 10-15 total actions per visible area of your web-page, preferably less.  In my opinion you have a way better chance of getting the action you want with less choices and if you present too many choices most people will be overwhelmed and the only likely action will be the back button of the browser or the close page X.