The State of Retail Business and What Happens After Covid-19

As most of you probably know, the retail business has been stagnant and declining for the past few years. There was news just out that many of the big US retail chains may not survive this crisis: Sears, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and J. Crew, and most big retail chains across North America had been on life-support long before the Corona virus reared its ugly head.

It seems like not too long-ago; people were laughing at Amazon – they wondered who would buy something online when they could simply go to the store for it? In a 2000 interview, Jeff Bezos said “Three years ago our stock was $1.50 a share, today it’s $30-something.” In 2020 it’s at $2,011.00 a share.

Canadian stores like Hudson’s Bay have been hanging on by a thread. Their only saving grace is their extensive real estate holdings.  And is there anyone that does not wait for a 40%-60% off sale instead of buying at regular price?

The writing has been on the wall for at least the past five years and retail was either going to have change how it did business or die.

And then Covid-19 happened and likely sped up this retail train wreck.

Just last week it was reported that 23% of small businesses in Canada could not pay their April rent. Bigger companies like GameStop just announced the closing of over 300 stores. And Starbucks announced they are closing at least 200 Canadian locations. How many of these businesses were already running week-to-week?

Just like any major economic change, there will be fear and some desperation, but the businesses that are prepared in advance have the best chance of coming out the other side, with viable businesses that will grow in our newly minted landscape.

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